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Asphalt Services

When it come to asphalt, whether you have a Residential driveway or a Commercial Parking-lot. If you want your pavement to last for years to come we highly recommend regular scheduled asphalt maintenance as well as having applied a high grade sealcoat preformed by local experts. Different surfaces require different maintenance but here at Affordable Sealcoating we are a full service Asphalt Maintenance company that can Protect Beautify and Increase the Lifespan of your Asphalt. Below is a list of our services, click below to learn more about what we offer. Estimates are always free so Call 412-310-8893 or Click to Schedule Today!


We make getting your residential asphalt sealed simple. Contact us by using the form on the website or by phone. click for more info.


We make getting your commercial parking lots sealed and maintained simple. Contact us on our website or call us today. click for more info.


Driveway or Parking-lot in rough shape due to large cracked areas or potholes? We specialize in patching, pothole repair, and "Hot Rubber Crack-filling"

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